40 pack of wax melt cubes 1.15 oz each WHOLESALE

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This pack will include 40 wax melt cubes that weigh in at 1.15 oz

Labeled and ready to ship. These wax melts sparkle and smell so good.

Retail: $2.50

Wholesale: $1.25

You will receive an assortment of the following wax melts and some might be repeats:

Tie dye fruit loops marshmallow bars, danish butter cookies, strawberry pound cake, tea & cake, cinnamon sugar donuts, orange sherbet sugar cookies, tropical capri (volcano dupe), caramel popcorn, cantaloupe, mint buttercream cupcake, salt water taffy and more.


$5 extra is included in this amount to help cover the shipping, plus you will be charged $6 for shipping at checkout. This covers the entire $11 to ship your box USPS PRIORITY.****