Spring wax sampler

Spring wax sampler

 Spring wax sampler. Each scent shot is just under an ounce.

(Qualifies for first class shipping by itself.)

You will receive the following:

1. FRESH PINEAPPLE-- Juicy, mouth-watering pineapple. A VERY realistic scent.

2. SALT WATER TAFFY- An absolute all time favorite of mine. A mix of strawberry, cream and a bit of banana. So goood!

3. FIG TREE- This is a unique scent that is very spot on. You can smell the fig with a hint of a fresh air in the background.

4. OCEANSIDE CABANA- A bit salty air with a bit of a suntan lotion.

5. MEXICAN FRIED ICE CREAM- Just like the description, you can smell the vanilla with an outer shell of fried goodness.